Oz in the News 9.16.10

Oz Fest endures change, hopes for bigger crowd This year’s theme is “Out of the Woods.” “We’re not in the dark any more. We see Emerald City. We see the light,” Reinhart said.

Oz Fall Fest entertainment announced The schedule of entertainment throughout the day for Oz Fall Fest, scheduled Saturday, Oct. 2, in downtown Willow Springs has been announced.

Review: A Refugee In Oz I personally really liked this book. It provided a nice charming adventure for the Oz crew, while at the same time providing a deeper look into the characters, even it is does take a dark turn halfway through the story.

In author Gregory Maguire’s ‘Wicked’ fantasy, the possibilities are endless Maguire said he could continue writing about “his” Oz for the rest of his life. He compared his fascination with Baum’s mythical world to the way Google Earth allows us to zoom in on our homes, schools and friends’ houses.

Book Review: FINDING OZ FINDING OZ was a mixed-bag for me. The structure flows as smooth as a novel, but the major faults of the book kept me from enjoying it as much as I have similar-themed works of non-fiction.

Toto! The Wonderful Adventure, Vols. 1-5 As one might guess from the title, Yuko Osada dresses up his swashbuckling treasure hunt with frequent allusions to Frank L. Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The hero, Kakashi (literally, “scarecrow”), is an orphan who dreams of leaving his small island.

Syracuse house where L. Frank Baum met his future wife added to protected list The house at 678 West Onondaga St., where Baum met his future wife, Maud Gage, is now an official “protected city landmark,” according to Kathleen Di Scenna, of the Land of Oz Preservation Co.

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