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Oz in the News 10.31.20

Drew Barrymore dazzles as Glinda The Good Witch from The Wizard Of Oz as she surprises a single mom on her talk show with $10K Drew Barrymore had fun dressing up for Halloween on Friday just as her fellow talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Ripa did. The Charlie’s Angeles actress looked like a princess as she wore a pink gown and a tall silver crown while holding a magic star wand to be Glinda The Good Witch from the 1949 film The Wizard Of Oz. During the episode, the 45-year-old presented a fellow single mother with a big gift: a $10,000 donation to her non-profit.

Magic: The Wizard of Oz successfully stored and retrieved on DNA Using DNA as a robust storage medium continues to advance. In a new attempt to showcase the technology, researchers have succeeded in storing ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ translated into Esperanto – with accuracy and efficiency.According to Professor Ilya Finkelstein: “The key breakthrough is an encoding algorithm that allows accurate retrieval of the information even when the DNA strands are partially damaged during storage.”
The researchers demonstrated this capability by using the novel ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum, first published in 1900. To demonstrate information retrieval from DNA, the team subjected the DNA containing the text to high temperatures and extreme humidity. These environmental stressors did not damage the DNA in terms of data retrieval.

Oz in the News 10.27.20

Netflix’s new movie ‘Over the Moon’ has a direct connection to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ you may overlook According to the film’s production notes, Wells wrote it as a variation of “The Wizard of Oz,” which just happens to be her favorite film. In both films, the female protagonists go on a journey with their beloved pets to find something in order to grow that they take back home with them. Keane said one of the biggest challenges of the film was finding an equivalent to Dorothy’s experience of going from Kansas, depicted in black and white, to a technicolored Oz in the 1939 movie. For him, that was animating light.Inspired by Pink Floyd’s album cover for “The Dark Side of the Moon,” the entire atmosphere of Lunaria is equally vibrant and luminescent. One of the biggest parallels you may miss between the two films is that a few characters play dual roles in “Over the Moon.” Just as Dorothy went to a dream world filled with larger-than-life personalities, some of whom resembled friends and neighbors, Fei Fei encounters other characters on the moon, who are voiced by family members.

Oz in the News 10.24.20

‘Wicked’ Movie: Kristin Chenoweth Champions the Adaptation: “I Want It up on the Screens” “First of all, as a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I couldn’t get to Broadway. We couldn’t afford that. So I relied on television and books, and occasionally a tour that might come through Tulsa. So why not make it a movie and let this Me Too movement, which we were doing before the Me Too movement – Wicked has the themes I like in a show. It has the themes of friendship, forgiveness and love, and between two women. The love is really between them two, and that’s what I want up on that camera. I want it up on the screens, I want it on television so that people who can’t afford to go see the show can watch it.”

Oz in the News 10.23.20

“Marionette Land” is a feature length documentary about Robert Brock and his magical marionette theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For 30 years Robert Brock has entertained families with his creative and unique one-man marionette productions of classics like Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. Brock also produces grown-up shows where he performs as famous divas like Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, and Carol Channing. Robert lives above his puppet theatre with his mom and business partner, Mary Lou, and he must now face new challenges as he enters the self-proclaimed third act of his life. This film goes into his unique and disciplined creative process from making puppets to preparing for shows, Robert Brock does it all… even tap dancing.

Oz in the News 10.22.20

Stephen Daldry Exits ‘Wicked’ Movie as Director The movie musical adaptation of Wicked is looking to take flight, but director Stephen Daldry won’t be along for the ride. A source tells THR that Daldry, who has long been attached to the movie, had to exit the project after the production timeline was adjusted and he was unable to commit to the new schedule. The exit was amicable and a search is underway for a new director. Wicked was set for a Dec. 22, 2021, release but was moved off of the Universal calendar following the COVID-19 theatrical and production shutdown. The movie has yet to receive another release date.

Oz in the News 10.17.20

The Producers Behind Veep and the Game of Thrones Prequel Have a New Podcast next Thursday, the pair is launching The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, a 12-episode podcast series distributed by Rooster Teeth that’s set to go deep into the world of Hollywood collectibles — one that’s fascinating, rich in history, and comes with its own seedy underground. “We were actually just working on the cut of an episode about this wonderful book that’s kind of a rite of passage for everybody that gets into collecting. It’s called The Ruby Slippers of Oz, written in the late ’80s by a journalist from the Los Angeles Times, Rhys Thomas. He had started out, as a lot of these books do, writing an article about what happened to the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and then just fell down this rabbit hole. It’s a pretty old story by now, because Rhys was writing in the late ’80s about guys in the late ’60s and early ’70s, when Wizard of Oz was newly popular again because it was being televised on CBS, but the story he found was just too bizarre to be fiction. He went in with the hope of uncovering the mystery of the ruby slippers: Where there more than one pair? Where were they? Who had them all? And he quickly learned that everything came back to this one guy, Kent Warner, who is kind of an icon in our field. He was really the original collector. Kent was a costumer who worked in Hollywood, and he went into all these studios and found all this stuff being thrown out or not being cared for. So he took them out of the dumpster, saved them, and preserved them. It’s a fantastic story, and we’ve been trying to have lunch with Rhys for, like, eight years, but it never came together, and now, with this podcast, we were able to coax him out, and he spoke to us for two hours. We were able to get a wonderful interview with him.”

Oz in the News 10.14.20

Warner Bros. is making an animated Toto musical Forget Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man, it’s time to bless the rains with an animated movie musical about Toto, Dorothy’s adorable little dog from The Wizard Of Oz. Deadline says the project—which has not officially been announced, for the record—will be directed by Mozart In The Jungle co-creator Alex Timbers and “loosely based” on the book Toto: The Dog-Gone Amazing Story Of The Wizard of Oz by Michael Morpurgo and Emma Chichester Clark. If we had to guess, that means it’ll have nothing to do with the book beyond the idea of re-telling The Wizard Of Oz from the dog’s perspective, but we’ll have to wait for Warner Bros. to make some announcements before we know for sure.

Oz in the News 10.6.20

Wicked Cast Reminds Fans to Vote with Reimagined Lyrics in New Video: ‘You Can Change Things’ In a new video, which PEOPLE can exclusively share, the entire cast of Wicked comes together (virtually) to remind fans to cast their ballot this November — and it features cameos from Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel! “I’m all mixelated up!” sings Brittney Johnson, the first-ever Black actress to play Wicked‘s Glinda, in the music video. “I really want to vote but it’s confusifying me.” The nearly-four minute video features appearances from some of the musical’s biggest stars including Alexandra Billings, Lindsay Pearce, Jennafer Newberry and Konrad Adderley.