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Oz in the News 1.30.15

jupiter_ascending_character_poster_2‘The Matrix’ Creators Launch a New Epic With ‘Jupiter’  “I remember having a conversation with Andy about how there’s something missing from my experience in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Dorothy is pretty much the same at the end as she is at the beginning. Whereas Odysseus goes through such an epic shift in his identity.” So Jupiter Jones (Ms. Kunis’ character) has a few things in common with Dorothy Gale from “Wizard of Oz.” “That’s why she has the blue and white gingham on when [Jupiter and Mr. Tatum’s character, Caine] first meet,” Lana says. Together they go on a wild, otherworldly adventure. Jupiter Jones returns not only with a new appreciation of her life at home but with greater confidence and power. The Wachowskis even set up Mr. Tatum’s part-canine role as a sort of Toto-like traveling companion. Andy, who tends to interject one-liners while Lana elaborates, jokes about the challenge of giving Mr. Tatum’s makeup the right look: “Obviously [the producers] had their concerns about whether Caine was going to look like John Candy in ‘Spaceballs.’

West End’s WICKED Extends Through April 2016  WICKED, the classic West End musical that tells the incredible untold story of the Witches of Oz, is delighted to announce the opening of its 19th new booking period, on Monday 2 February 2015 at 10am, with 500,000 new tickets going on sale for performances until Saturday 30 April 2016.  While continuing its open-ended West End run, the spectacular, multi record-breaking UK & Ireland Tour has already sold over1 million tickets since its premiere in Manchester in September 2013. The tour will conclude in July 2015, with a return to the Greater Manchester area (to The Lowry in Salford), following engagements in Plymouth (where it is currently playing),Bristol, Sunderland and Aberdeen.

Oz in the News 1.29.15

54c964cc9af06.preview-620Whiting man remembers ‘Oz’ witch Margaret Hamilton fondly “Back in 1977, while I was a student at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Robert Page, who was the head of the music department was also the associate conductor for the Cleveland Orchestra. I not only accompanied him to Cleveland when he directed a children’s Halloween concert that featured Hamilton as a special guest narrator for the musical tale of ‘Peter and the Wolf,’ but I played the piano for her for her rehearsals,” Rapchak said. “She was so kind and very gracious and very serious about us using the afternoon to rehearse. I wish I had snapped a photo with her, but at the time, it was not so quick and easy like today to get a quick spur-of-the-moment photo. But what I did capture was a cassette recording of our rehearsal session, which I treasure.”

John Davidson relishes the role of the wicked Wizard  “It’s a powerful story about these two women and their relationship,” Davidson said. “I think it’s one of the best stories, and it’s Stephen Schwartz’s best score. The lyrics (also by Schwartz) are Cole Porter quality. For me, the show ranks with ‘Ragtime’ and ‘Les Miserables.’ The set, costumes and special effects are terrific. It’s quite a spectacle. It has been called the show of the decade, and I think it does represent the best of the modern Broadway shows.”

TV Recap: ‘Supernatural: There’s No Place Like Home’  Unfortunately, Oz steel can only be forged and repaired in that realm. It’s not too long into their conversation that they realize Dillon’s had the same thing happen to him as Charlie. In fact, his darker half just so happens to be the Wizard of Oz. The same wizard ruling Emerald City by her side. There’s only one way to get the wizard’s attention: Clive mortally wounds himself, forcing the wizard back into our world.

Oz in the News 1.24.15

Copyright_page_of_The_Wonderful_Wizard_of_Oz,_1899Local Collector Finds The Ultimate Piece  Last year we told you about Justin Ell–a person that most would easily consider North Dakota’s biggest fan of the Wizard of Oz. On top of over 2000 other pieces of memorabilia–his latest addition is a book that is 115 years old. This copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published in 1900 and is where the whole story began. “This is the crown jewel of my collection.  It’s by far the best.  I thought that this would have been the last piece I would ever get of the Wizard of Oz.  I didn’t want to pay the money to get it.  And then I had to, I couldn’t pass it up.” He didn’t tell us how much the original was but he says he will probably be working until his 90’s to pay it off.

Oz in the News 1.22.15

woodsman-master495Led by a Tender Heart, Before It Is Ripped Out- ‘The Woodsman’ Tells the Tin Man’s Tale  Using words is dangerous in this eastern corner of Oz, yet sound is everywhere: the mournful music of a violin, the rasp of a witch, the spooky wind of the woods. A movement piece with puppets, James Ortiz’s “The Woodsman” is an elemental reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s world of Oz. The spectacle is handmade, infused with breath and light. The performance lasts only an hour, and maybe that’s not long enough. By letting a few more moments linger, this show’s talented creators might just lodge “The Woodsman” in our hearts.

Oz in the News 1.20.15

Margaret-Hamilton-as-the--002Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Wizard of Oz is most influential Hollywood film In a paper entitled Cross-evaluation of Metrics to Estimate the Significance of Creative Works, issued by Illinois’ Northwestern University, the study’s authors – Max Wasserman, Xiao Han T Zeng and Luís AN Amaral – analysed the “movie connections” section of the Internet Movie Database in an effort to uncover the “most cited” film – and, therefore, the most influential. Their resulting table excludes any film less than 25 years older than the citee, to reinforce the sense of what the paper calls “lasting importance”. The Wizard of Oz, which starred Judy Garland and Frank Morgan, heads the list with some 565 so-called “long-gap citations”, a considerable distance ahead of the first Star Wars movie (released in 1977), which took second spot with 297. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho came in third with a score of 241, followed by the wartime classic Casablanca with 212. The top five is rounded out by another film first released in 1939, the sprawling civil war epic Gone With the Wind.

B7uTU1fCcAAYvFcBastian Schweinsteiger shows off his new Wizard of Oz boots  Bastian Schweinsteiger may be ready to go all #therewillbehaters, but he’s also searching for a way home from Oz. Maybe he should try the Yellow Brick Road. Or maybe he can ask Philipp Lahm in munchkinland for some directions.

Oz in the News 1.17.15

The-WizNBC: Our next live musical is one of these two  NBC’s entertainment chairman revealed the network’s next musical—sort of. Robert Greenblatt said 1957’s The Music Man will be the network’s live musical this year. Or it will be the 1975 The Wizard of Oz update The Wiz. One of those. NBC has optioned the rights to both and is considering casting options on Music Man. The network had a huge surprise hit with its first musical, The Sound of Music Live in 2013, then had a disappointment with December’s Peter Pan Live.

Oz in the News 1.9.15

restmb_jhidxmake.phpTVXQ, SHINee, EXO, f(x) to star in hologram musical ‘School OZ’  SM Entertainment said it would launch a hologram musical “School OZ” at Seoul’s SMTOWN THEATRE on Jan. 14, featuring its celebrated stars.  TVXQ’s Changmin plays a mysterious perfectionist called Oscar, SHINee’s Key will take up the role of a suave man named David. Among other cast members, f(x)’s Luna plays a witch, EXO’s Suho and Xiumin are assigned as an elf and his loyal sidekick.
Red Velvet’s Seulgi joins the cast as a naive Dorothy, whose disappearance steers the musical’s plot in an important way.

Wicked producer Marc Platt gives an update on progress and that 2016 release date  “2016 is the goal, but I don’t know whether we’ll make that goal or not. We will make the movie, but like I said, the bar is really high. We’re going to scrutinise our work on the screenplay and our prep on the movie, and when we feel like it’s ready, okay. We’re not going to shoot a release date is what I’m saying. It’s in the works, it’s not in a rush. It took 27 years to make Into the Woods into a film from its original stage production, and 30 years with Les Mis. Some things take time for a reason. Patience, as ever, is a virtue.”