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Oz in the News 11.29.20

If I Only Had Christmas: Filming Location and Cast Details ‘If I Only Had Christmas’ is a Hallmark Channel film that reimagines the classic tale of ‘Wizard of Oz’ with a modern-day Christmas-y twist. Set in Kansas City, the story follows a cheerful publicist, Darcy, as she partners up with cynical businessman Glen Goodman to help his team at Emerald Educational Trust in their charitable undertaking during Christmas time. While working together on the Christmas charity gala, Glen and Darcy realize that they have quite a lot in common, and love begins to blossom. But a surprise announcement by Glen might just end their relationship before it even begins. Curious to know where ‘If I Only Had Christmas’ was filmed and who is in the cast? We’ve got all the information right here.

‘Emerald City’ Season One Blu-Ray Review ‘Emerald City’ ran for a single season in 2017 after suffering from endless problems in development, which almost stopped the show from arriving on the small screen at all. Directed by Tarsem Singh (‘The Cell’), the 10-episode season struggled to find an audience and it was abruptly cancelled just two months after it premiered. It’s a shame really as there was definitely potential here with plenty more story to tell.

Oz in the News 11.28.20

Kelowna’s LGBT2Q+ Friends of Dorothy Lounge is expanding to downtown Victoria “We are proud to be joining the richly vibrant downtown Victoria community as Friends of Dorothy Lounge expands from Kelowna to the coast,” says owner Rudy Tomazic. “Bringing an open, inclusive environment for everyone, we will offer everything from casual cocktails to dramatic drag brunch.” The term ‘friend of Dorothy’ was historically used as a polite and mild way to discreetly ‘out’ oneself, while avoiding the fear of violence and discrimination. References to the Wizard of Oz and gay icon Judy Garland are featured in clever and fun ways through the lounge’s drinks such as the ‘No place like home’ and Not in Kansas’ cocktails. The team at Friends of Dorothy Lounge Victoria is working hard to bring an exciting and visually stunning space to the queer community and its allies. “We’re described as punk chic meets Louis XIV,” says Tomazic. “So we maintained the elegant look we’re known for, but in a way that complements our historic 140-year-old Victoria building. We wanted to keep the architectural features of 14-foot ceilings and exposed brickwork to make the interior feel unique with lots of brass, warm colours, and jewel tones. It’s cozy, upscale, and retro all at once.” The lounge will host drag queen performances with local talent, live music, comedy shows and live-streaming events in accordance with provincial requirements. Entertainment will be provided daily from 4 to 10 p.m. Unlike Kelowna’s Friends of Dorothy which is 19+, the lounge in Victoria welcomes all ages due to a different licensing model. “We’re excited that families will be able to join us in Victoria,” says Tomazic. “Parents are more engaged with their children now about queerness; we hope families of all types will join us to dine and for the live entertainment.”

Oz in the News 11.23.20

‘And your little dog, too!’: Moore College’s dark vision of Oz, America Jonathan Santoro may be an American oddity: he never saw “The Wizard of Oz” as a child. Nor did he see the classic movie while minoring in film studies as an undergraduate. Of course, he had been familiar with the story and he knew the songs, but he was well in his 30s before he watched the film from start to finish. His first impressions of the Technicolor fantasy were rooted in adult concerns. “It can be reduced down to an argument between neighbors over an untrained dog,” said Santoro. “Maybe Dorothy never leaves her home and it’s all a dream space, an anxiety dream of your neighbor where your neighbor becomes a witch.”

Oz in the News 11.17.20

Oz The Great And Powerful 2 Updates: Will The Sam Raimi Sequel Happen? Progress on Oz The Great And Powerful 2 has been deathly silent since 2013, with no announcement being made. Sam Raimi took something of a break from directing movies following Oz but is set to finally return for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. If a sequel was to move forward now, it’s very unlikely Disney would use the James Franco Oz again, in light of the serious sexual misconduct allegations that have since come to light about the actor. It appears Disney has moved on from plans to produce Oz The Great And Powerful 2, and it currently looks unlikely it will happen.

Oz in the News 11.13.20


A new Boots No7 Advent Calendar has just launched, and it’s Wizard of Oz themed As with all the best beauty advent calendars, the 25-day Boots No7 Advent Calendar sold out in the blink of an eye. So we were delighted when this second surprise calendar caught our attention. Each year thousands of customers sign up for news of the launch, with this year’s waiting list amassing more than 250,000 No7 fans. And while the 25-day option has now sold out for the year, the brand has treated us to a second beauty advent calendar. Part of a new Wizard of Oz-themed beauty collection, the 12-day calendar contains a selection of limited edition make-up products and brushes, all inspired by the famous Emerald City.

Bundle added to Modern Warfare and Warzone Added in this update was a Mara Bundle added to “The Land of Oz Collection”. The pack has several skins and nods to the Wizard Of Oz movies and features 2 tracer weapons.

Oz in the News 11.10.20

Iconic Hollywood Props and Costumes Up for Auction from Profiles In History’s Icons & Legends Of Hollywood Profiles in History has announced Iconic Hollywood Props and Costumes Up for Auction from Profiles In History’s Icons & Legends Of Hollywood incredible costumes and props from Hollywood’s Classical, Golden and Modern Age at their next auction, Icons & Legends of Hollywood, November 12th & 13th in Los Angeles.

Highlights include:

  • A pair of signature wall torches from Margaret Hamilton “Wicked Witch of the West’s” castle from The Wizard of Oz. Estimated to sell for $20,000 – $25,000.
  • A “Munchkin” dress from The Wizard of Oz. Estimated to sell for $15,000 – $25,000.
  • A “Munchkin” jacket from The Wizard of Oz. Estimated to sell for $15,000 – $20,000.

Oz in the News 11.8.20

Cthulhu Invades Oz – A 140+ Page Original Graphic Novel – Over 50 incredible comic creators got together to bring the blending of two different universes in the mystical world of Baum’s Wizard of Oz and the horrifying world that is the work of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. When the Great Cthulhu invades Oz! This was war will change OZ FOREVER! This anthology tells one big story through the eyes of the different residents of Oz.

Oz in the News 11.3.20

‘High School Musical: The Series’ Cast Slays ‘Wizard of Oz’ Group Costume! Some of the group dressed up as characters from another musical, The Wizard of Oz, for a group costume. Here’s which characters they were: Dara Renee as Dorothy, Larry Saperstein as The Tin Man, Frankie A Rodriguez as The Cowardly Lion, Joe Serafini as Scarecrow, Julia Lester as the Wicked Witch of the West, Matt Cornett as a Lollipop Guild Member and Joshua Bassett as the tornado.