The Daily Ozmapolitan Spotlight: “OZ”, the new CD by GIORGIO COSLOVICH

“Oz” is the second CD by Giorgio Coslovich after his first “Winter Tales” which was released in 2017.

There are two projects on the new CD: The symphonic poem “Oz” and the triptych “Joyce Suite”, two different musical languages, the first in a classical style, the second predominantly contemporary, almost jazzy. To bring together both musical moments creates an inner, psychological journey to the roots of one’s conscience, by the two protagonists, respectively Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” and Leopold Bloom in Joyce’s “Ulysses”.

Musically, the symphonic poem “Oz” tries to describe the story and characters, first in the long piece “Oz”, the Lion (in the brilliant and charming “Lion Waltz”), the Tin Man (the apparently joyful but tormented and still heartless “Tin Woodman”), the Munchkins (in the “Little Blue People”), up to Dorothy’s heart-wrenching song (“Upthere Or Elsewhere”) with the poignant performance by the soprano and cello soloist Cristina Nadal). And in the end the return to reality (through “Dreamover” or, literally, the dream persistence during awakening from a dream. The orchestra conducted by Maestro Jacopo Brusa includes musicians who perform with the Filarmonica Della Scala, the Fenice of Venice, the Regio of Parma, the Arena of Verona, the Philharmonic of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and many other renowned orchestras. The result is an excellent performance by all the people that joined this project.

The Joycian “Suite” has guests of international prestige such as the saxophonist David Jackson (ex Van Der Graaf Generator) and the multi-instrumentalist John Hackett (brother of Steve Hackett, formerly of prog-rock band Genesis).

The project is available on many digital platforms as well as a physical copy with a 12page booklet.

Contact Giorgio Coslovich at for more information.

A shorter and different version of “Oz” (without wind instruments) was performed in London in 2018. Below is the performance on YouTube:

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