A new public art installation takes off at the Austin airport Interimaginary Departures,” an immersive and interactive piece, is located at Gate ∞ [infinity symbol], between Gates 12 and 14. Inspired by the novel “The City and The City,” about two places existing within the same space, the reimagined gate area by artist Janet Zweig also draws inspiration from science-fiction and fantasy. The piece features two screens displaying rotating flight information for hundreds of fictional destinations, from the “Wizard of Oz’s” Emerald City to Gallifrey, the world of “Doctor Who’s” Time Lords. Every few minutes, an overhead loudspeaker provides amusing boarding information about the otherworldly locations. Travelers can also visit a touch-screen kiosk, where a brief survey asks them multiple-choice questions such as: “Are more things smaller than you or larger than you?” before printing out a souvenir boarding pass for their next interimaginary destination.

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