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Oz in the News 9.10.18

How the Smithsonian Helped Sleuth Out the True Identity of a Pair of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Dawn Wallace and Richard Barden stood in the museum’s objects conservation lab looking over two shoes. Red. Sequin-covered. Small heels. Petite in size. Wallace, an objects conservator, had recently spent more than 200 hours examining the museum’s long-cherished pair of Ruby Slippers, worn by Judy Garland while filming the iconic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Barden, the museum’s chief conservator, had spent decades with the collections, including the sparkling shoes that are slated to go back on view in a new showcase display on October 19, 2018. Those shoes, now fully conserved thanks to the support of 6,000 Kickstarter backers who funded their preservation, were safely stored elsewhere in the museum. The shoes that sat before Wallace and Barden had been delivered by FBI agents for examination, and could be the key to a 13-year-old mystery. “Wow, I think these are the real thing,” Wallace thought.



Oz in the News 7.13.18

The Steam Engines of Oz Review Right off the bat, the thing that viewers will notice, and be distracted by, is the inconsistent animation. Background buildings and vehicles are often single colored and untextured, this is most prominent in the forest, where I am uncertain if the characters are walking over grassy knolls or moss-laden dirt patches. When a prop or vehicle is a focal point of the scene, the extra layers put into it, such as the grip of the rayguns or the gears of the planes make them look passable. Conversely, the character animation is rather impressive, given the limited means available. A few extras in the background occasionally look stiff, but, for the most part, all the characters move well. The introductory scene to Victoria sees her shimmy, slide, and climb up a massive wall of machinery to repair a cog that has gotten stuck. She moves with ease and interacts with the backgrounds believably. Due to the smooth movements of the animation models, the action is also rather fun. They all run, jump, claw, shoot and climb in a way that suggests they have weight and gravity affects them. During the massive battle sequence, planes airdrop robots, whose are made to intentionally look like Tik-Tok, and they land a satisfying thud. The character designs, especially of the hulking Tin Man, are quite pleasant as well.

Sky Arts to tell Judy Garland’s story UK network Sky Arts has ordered a documentary about the final days of Hollywood star Judy Garland. Passions – Judy Garland by Marc Almond (1×60′) is from UK producer Icon Films and is being presented by British singer and performer Almond. The show will attempt to piece together the poignant last days of Garland, who is considered by some to have possessed the greatest voice of the 20th century.

Oz in the News 6.21.18

Dates Set for Love, Liza: The Auction In Los Angeles, With Over 1,700 Lots From Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland & Vincente Minnelli Profiles in History is proud to announce the dates of Love, Liza: The Auction. The 3 day auction will be July 30th, 31st & August 1st, in Los Angeles. Highlights include: Liza’s personal tribute “Ruby Slippers” worn at her wedding to Jack Haley, Jr. (son of Jack Haley who played “The Tin Man” in The Wizard of Oz). Judy Garland’s 16mm prints of her films, concert programs and sheet music. Judy Garland ‘s “Dorothy Gale” wig from the first week of shooting on The Wizard of Oz — gifted to Liza by famed Hollywood hair stylist Sydney Guilaroff. The finest collection of rare and unpublished photographs in existence from the careers of Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli. Rare and unpublished photographs of baby Liza with parents Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, both at work and at home. Judy Garland’s personal handwritten notes to husband Vincente Minnelli — filled with love and admiration. Judy Garland’s tramp clown tailcoat from a portrait sitting with Richard Avedon.

‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Book By L. Frank Baum Actually Has A Fascinating Feminist Origin Picking up the book today, it doesn’t exactly read like a cutting edge feminist manifesto. We can thank L. Frank Baum, though, at least in part, for several generations of fierce, female protagonists in fiction. We can thank him for planting the seed of a witch who was powerful and magical without being evil in the public consciousness. And we can hope that Matilda Joslyn Gage, who never lived to see the Oz books published, would have been (begrudgingly) proud.

Oz in the News 4.16.18

You’ll Soon Be Able to Own Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers From ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (If You Have $6 Million!) No word on if you’ll be able to return home just by clicking your heels together three times, but you will soon be able to own Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers from The Wizard of Oz… if you can amass the right sum! The iconic shoes from the 1939 musical film are hitting the auction block with a seven-figure starting price. Technically, there are multiple pairs of ruby-red slippers floating around. One pair was acquired by the National Museum of American History, for example, while actress Debbie Reynolds owned another. And yet another pair was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, MN, and remains missing. Moments in Time dealer Gary Zimet calls these shoes “the holy grail of movie memorabilia.”

Oz Museum Although L. Frank Baum didn’t think his 1900 novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” would be a success, its persistent endurance over a century has proved him soundly wrong. “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” has spawned film adaptations, theater adaptations, prequels, sequels, and generations of little children waltzing around in glittering slippers. The Oz Museum, in Wamego, Kansas, pays homage to “all things Oz,” from the original novel to movies to plays to board games. Come with us as we stay very much in Kansas and talk to the Executive Director of the Oz Museum, Clint Steuve, about the history and contents of the museum and the story that inspired it.

Oz in the News 4.9.18

Liza Minnelli Wore These Ruby Slippers on Her Wedding Day When She Married the Tin Man’s Son While many know that Liza Minnelli is the daughter of Judy Garland, it’s not exactly common knowledge that when she walked down the aisle to marry her second husband in 1974, she wore custom ruby slippers that were designed to replicate her mother’s famous shoes in “The Wizard of Oz.” Coincidentally, Minnelli married Jack Haley Jr., the son of the actor who played the Tin Man opposite Garland’s Dorothy in the iconic 1939 film while sporting the sparkly heels designed by Herbert Levine. Yes, the son of the Tin Man married Dorothy’s daughter.

Oz in the News 4.1.18

NC’s infamous failed theme park ‘Land of Oz’ is reopening for just 6 days North Carolina’s most infamous failed theme park, Land of Oz, is going to reopen for a six days in June. In a surprise move, the park’s website says it is offering one-hour guided tours every Friday that month, as well as Saturday, June 30. The tours are a variation of live action role playing, with guests invited to play key characters from the “Wizard of Oz,” says the park. “With Dorothy as your guide, you will skip down the yellow brick road through the magical Land of Oz,” the park’s website states. “You or other members in your group are randomly selected to play the characters of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Witch and Glinda. This is a completely immersive interactive experience.”

Pennsylvania historical markers for Wizard of Oz and more Ruth Plumly Thompson was author of 19 Wizard of Oz books, following the death of creator L. Frank Baum. Having earned a reputation as a talented author of children’s literature, Baum’s publisher solicited her to continue the official Oz series. She wrote one Oz book per year from 1921 through 1939, maintaining the series’ popularity through the release of the classic film. Thompson lived from 1891-1976. 15 other notables from Pennsylvania history have been approved for new state historical markers by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The new, blue-with-fold-lettering markers, selected from 51 applications, will be placed at the appropriate sites along roads and streets across Pennsylvania. Since 1946 the commission’s historical markers have chronicled the people, places and events that have affected the lives of Pennsylvanians over the centuries.

JUDY GARLAND LIVE IN CONCERT! Starring Peter Mac As Judy Garland Moves Back To NYC It is the 96th Anniversary of the birth of the brilliant Judy Garland on June 10, 2018. As such it feels entirely appropriate to rediscover the music and legacy of Hollywood’s golden age songbird. Vegas Theatricals is presenting critically-acclaimed Tribute Artist Peter Mac in his award-winning musical recreation of a flawless triumphant 1960’s-era Judy GarlandJudy Garland LIVE, In Concert! starring Peter Mac as Judy Garland will open at Producers Club Grand Theatre on Saturday April 14, 2018 8pm and repeating every Saturday night through June 30, 2018. Producers Club is located at 358 W. 44th Street NY, NY 10036. Tickets are $40 to $60 and include a meet and greet and photo op with Peter after every show. For more information on Peter Mac please visit

Oz in the News 3.19.18

First Look: Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland in ‘Judy’ Biopic A striking first image from “Judy” shows Renee Zellweger playing show business legend Judy Garland in a biopic from Pathé, BBC Films and Ingenious Media. Principal photography is now underway on the picture, which is being shot in London. The movie is set in the late 1960s as Garland arrives in the British capital for a run of sell-out concerts. As well as Zellweger in the lead role, the cast includes Jessie Buckley (“War and Peace”), Finn Wittrock (“American Horror Story”) and Michael Gambon (“Harry Potter”). Garland’s dates at the Talk of the Town nightclub came toward the end of the icon’s long career and shortly before her death. The movie will recount her performances, with some of her best-known numbers, including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”