Oz in the News 9.19.21

The Wizard of Oz: A breathtaking new edition of a classic story THE Wizard of Oz is one of a rare group of stories that by the time of reaching adulthood, most will have read or know in some capacity. There is great importance in the stories and ideas we are exposed to as children, as content made for those just beginning to pick up narratives and comprehend them is clearer, more direct and far less subtle than in books written for adults. There is always a message, a moral lesson to learn and these are the lessons that perhaps more than any others, shape the foundations of the way in which we grow to understand the world, our place in it and how to treat others. It is for this reason that I believe in the sharing and adapting of these tales for new generations, passing on what we know about life and how to live it through the medium of plots filled with magic, adventure and of course, morals. One of the newest and certainly the most striking way to do so with children is the MinaLima Classics. MinaLima Studio was started in 2001 by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima who worked together to build the graphic world of The Harry Potter films, going on to sell art prints from this project and moving on to create beautiful books.

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