Oz in the News 11.20.19

OZ: THE EARLY YEARS TRADING CARDS BRING HISTORY AND ART TO INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN The indie card set is available through the crowdsourcing site, Indiegogo, giving collectors a chance to get in on the set in a variety of forms and price levels. Oz: The Early Years delves into L. Frank Baum’s fantasy world through both the original books and the series of silent films. And while the cards do their part in showcasing the stories and the characters within, it also looks at the creators and artists who brought Oz to life early on.Although trading cards are the primary part of the Oz: The Early Years campaign, there are some other items available including a comic book, playing cards and greeting cards. Pledges start at $2, which get contributors a digital copy of the comic book. For those concerned more about the trading cards, there are several options. Five-card packs are $8. From there, sets are $25. Additional levels are available as well that offer more items. A full breakdown of available items are listed on the campaign page.

One response to “Oz in the News 11.20.19

  1. Wonderful set – I just contributed to the campaign and bought the $100 reward !

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