Oz in the News 10.2.19

OzFest to kick off day with return of parade “This isn’t actually the first time we’ve had a parade to go with OzFest. When it started, we had huge parades and look-a-like contests and cosplayers – it was HUGE. We’ve gone away from the parade in more recent years, but we want to bring back that tradition of the OzFest parade and really build up how big Oz in Kansas is, especially in Liberal,” Watt said. “As far as actual expectations, we have no idea because it all depends on the community – it’s up to them to enter floats and/or classic cars, and it’s up to the people to come out and actually watch the parade and see everything. It’s a Saturday morning parade, and once you’re done with the parade, people will head right out to the Dorothy’s House/Land of Oz grounds at the Coronado Museum to see the rest of the entertainment that will be happening throughout that day. It’s a chance to get started on the Oz celebration a little early, and it’s the 80th year, so if people want it to be a big celebration, people need to come out and put together floats and support it by watching. And people love classic cars, so if you have one you want to highlight and show off, bring it out. If you want to get the word out about your group, get a group and float together and sign yourselves up. It’s also free to enter, it’s no cost to drive down Kansas Avenue and be part of the 80th anniversary of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’”

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