Oz in the News 3.2.19

Avalon’s Bird Park was once a busy tourist attraction and was immortalized in “The Wizard of Oz” Catalina Island has been home to many incredible things, from the buffalo planted there through the Hollywood film industry to a spring training ground for the Chicago Cubs during the Wrigley years. One of the lesser known attractions that at one time flourished was Avalon’s Bird Park, an aviary housing nearly 8,000 birds. According to a blog post on visitcatalinaisland.com, Avalon’s Bird Park was even sourced for sounds of the 1939 classic film by MGM that also happened to be the first color picture: “The Wizard of Oz.” Judy Garland starred in the Technicolor movie, which for the time had very advanced special effects. The blog says: “The sound crew [for “The Wizard of Oz”] recorded more than 15,000 feet of birdcalls, chirps and singing. The recordings were considered to be the most  complete collection of bird noises at the time. The recorded birdcalls were played at different speeds and in different ways, and then incorporated into many of the film’s scenes, including the spooky sounds of the witch’s Haunted Forest.”

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