Oz in the News 12.30.17

Final surviving ‘Oz’ Munchkin celebrates 98th birthday in January Early in his career, Jerry said it wasn’t uncommon for him to play a New Year’s Eve baby or any number of other assorted roles requiring a small actor. After meeting Jerry, Elizabeth also began working in the movie and TV field, including appearances on “The Gong Show,” (along with hubby Jerry) as well as featured in McDonald’s commercials, appearing as some of the costumed characters. For years, it was Jerry who played the role of the masked Hamburglar — and sometimes Mayor McCheese — in McDonald’s TV commercials. While in later years, his Munchkin contemporaries didn’t mind wearing solider costumes, flowerpots on their heads and other assorted odd ensembles in the guise of their original “Oz” film wardrobe for paid personal appearances, Jerry found it silly. Even when I flew to Los Angeles to join Jerry and the Munchkins in November 2007 for the Munchkins to be honored with a star unveiled on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Maren insisted on wearing his own clothes rather than a costume recreation.

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