Oz in the News 9.13.17

‘Wizard of Oz’ garden raises money for charities The self-proclaimed Owner of the Land of Oz, Dennis Denenberg, uses his backyard garden to raise money for local charities. His Oz, built within his home garden in Manheim Township, features Toto’s house and the Emerald City built out of PVC pipe. Dennis says his garden in full bloom is a sight for anyone to see, regardless of your opinions of the Wizard of Oz. He boasts a one-acre garden, that he says is the most photographed private home and garden in the county. The inside of his home is also themed with an impressive collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia and Art Deco pieces. His reasons for showing off the garden lie deeper than the roots of his trees. Dennis’ sister died of breast cancer after an 18-year battle. He has a specially designed “Pink Garden” within his backyard in her honor. He opens up the garden and his home for free to any charity organization that would like to use the space for fundraisers, retreats, or benefits. His favorite charity, Diana’s Dreamers, a nonprofit dedicated to his sister also benefits from the garden. Dennis offers both home and garden tours to see his blooms and movie memento collection inside his home. To contact Dennis for a home and garden tour, e-mail him at drdenden@aol.com.


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