Oz in the News 8.30.17

Judy Garland’s clothes star in Newbridge Silverware If you’re an old-time movies buff, then a new exhibition at the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons will be like honey to a bear, writes Brian Byrne.
It’s all about personal items, clothing and costumes once owned and worn by Judy Garland, who died when she was just 47 but left a wonderful silver screen legacy. Her big child role was ‘Dorothy’ in the Wizard of Oz, but she is also remembered for stellar performances in Life Begins for Andy Hardy,Meet me in St LouisCrazy Girl, and A Star is Born. Clothing worn in some of those movies feature in the exhibition which runs until the end of September. The highlight exhibit for many will be the wedding dress she wore when she married her fourth husband Mark Heron in 1964. Following the Newbridge exhibition, the collection is scheduled to be sold off by Julien Auctions in Los Angeles.

Google Arcore Gives Android Users Augmented Reality Without Tango Last week in San Francisco, Google showed me an app called OzOz is a kind of augmented reality picture book: it places animated characters from The Wizard of Oz into the physical world, as viewed through a smartphone camera. Google is also showcasing a few semi-interactive tricks. In a simple demo app, you can set a little Android mascot down in a virtual forest, where it’ll wave when you hold your phone to its face. And in Oz, the Cowardly Lion jumps in fear if you turn the lights out.


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