Oz in the News 7.11.17

The Tin Man Is a Reminder of L. Frank Baum’s Onetime Oil Career 17 years before he wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Lyman Frank Baum founded a petroleum company with his brother, Benjamin Baum. The Baum brothers’s Syracuse, New York business sold “lubricants, oils, greases–and ‘Baum’s Castorine, the great axle oil,’” writes the American Oil & Gas Historical Society. For four years, Baum was the chief salesman for Baum’s Castorine Company. He got the idea for the Tin Man on the road, writes the historical society. But in the end, Baum sold the company in 1888, writing “I see not future in it to warrant my wasting any more years of my life trying to boom it.”

WICKED Surpasses PHANTOM OF THE THE OPERA at Broadway Box Office WICKED is flying high at the Broadway box office. According to Variety, the long-running musical has hit $1 billion faster than any other show in Broadway history, surpassing THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at the Broadway box office. According to the site, the show, which tells the backstory of THE WIZARD OF OZ, has earned $1.12 billion in New York sales alone, surpassing PHANTOM’s current earnings of $1.11 billion. The total earnings now puts Wicked in second place overall, behind THE LION KING, which has grossed over $1.38 billion. Disney’s stage adaptation of its hit 1994 animated film, is currently the top-grossing musical in history, with over $6 billion in worldwide sales. ‘PHANTOM’, which is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary on the Great White Way, retains its title of the longest-running show in Broadway history. It has also earned over $6 billion worldwide. Wicked premiered in 2003 and has since grossed close to $4.5 billion worldwide, according to a representative for the show. WICKED is now a top-grossing property at Universal Pictures. A film adaptation of the musical is currently in the works. In addition, the show has been produced in Chicago, San Francisco and LA as well as in 14 countries around the world. A national tour is now performing throughout North America, while a West End production of the show has been running since 2006.


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