Oz in the News 6.26.17

Emerald City’s Adria Arjona on playing a Hispanic Dorothy: “Oh man, it was a huge deal and I think it was an even bigger deal because, yes, it’s an iconic American character but also I am Hispanic,” Arjona says, from China where she is filming Pacific Rim: Uprising.’ “It was also a big realisation moment for me that the world was changing, that people did want to see Hispanics that weren’t only prostitutes or drug dealers or maids or cops. The opportunity to play an American icon as a Hispanic, it was such an honour. I had multiple bruises from this show, ridiculous amounts, but I took such great pride in them. I never looked at it as a complaint; it was more like, ‘I’m kicking ass’. I flaunted them to everyone. I have two or three scars from the show and they’re like my little gems. I love them.”


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