Oz in the News 5.4.17

Jim Denomie’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ inspired art Celebrated Minneapolis artist Jim Denomie reveals his latest creation, a mural-sized painting that’s inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Titled Oz, the Emergence, Denomie details his own nightmarish vision of the 21st Century, using characters and scenes from the 1939 film as entry points. Denomie has a way of speaking immense truths, revealing injustices through both humor and dark commentary. You won’t want to miss his latest marvel.

‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’: Back in 1977, People Couldn’t Stop Comparing the Two How would you describe Star Wars to someone who’s never seen it? It’s not unusual for actors on a press tour to compare their movie to other beloved films, in hopes of getting audiences into the theater. But when Star Wars — Episode IV: A New Hope was first released in 1977, there really hadn’t been another film like it. So when the actors were asked to describe the film in interviews, they found a comparison that might not occur to modern audiences: the 1939 musical fantasy The Wizard of Oz.



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