Oz in the News 4.28.17

Interview: We talk to Lucy Penrose about playing Judy Garland in a new West End production “My favourite song that I sing in the show has got to be ‘Over the Rainbow’. It’s my lucky song and it was my grandma’s lucky song as well. It was the first song I ever sang in public as a five year old. I sang it for the audition for this and I’ve sung it for loads of other auditions. My favourite Judy song that’s not in the show is ‘Everybody Sing’ from Broadway Melody of 1938. It was one of her first ever films and it’s the first ever role that she said – apart from the first line – she really liked herself in. She sings this great song and she’s 13 years old just belting out a jazz standard, which is incredible. If I could convince Ray to put any song in the show it would be ‘Everybody Sing’”

Judy Garland’s upcoming remembrance ceremony at Hollywood Forever The month of June 2017 is an especially heartfelt one in Hollywood. Not only is it the month of Ms. Garland’s birth, and death, but the movie star’s remains will be placed at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, at her family’s request, after a move from Ferncliff Cemetery New York. While a private memorial will take place, a public remembrance ceremony is ahead, too, to honor the star’s Hollywood resting place. And while the ceremony isn’t yet officially on the cemetery’s schedule, a representative says a day in June is most likely.


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