Oz in the News 4.24.17

The Tin Man before and after

CNY ‘Wizard of Oz’ signs get makeovers: See before, after photos As the village of Chittenango’s 40th annual Oz-Stravaganza approaches, festival organizers realized their two iconic “Wizard of Oz” figures that welcome people were in bad shape. A Scarecrow sign greets visitors entering the eastern side while a Tin Man sign welcomes travelers on the west side of the village. Both figures have been there for more than two decades, and were weather-beaten, said Colleen Zimmer, one of the festival organizers. The paint had faded, and they were in sad shape, she said.

‘Dorothy can keep it’: Sell-out ‘Wizard of Oz’ Primark dress fails to impress Huddersfield Primark may have sold out of this £15 ‘Wizard of Oz’ style dress. But ‘Dorothy can keep it’ as far as you’re concerned. The old-style gingham dress, which is selling for up to £45 on Ebay, did not impress Examiner readers. It had drawn favourable comparisons to the dress worn by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – or school summer dresses from a bygone era. But Examiner readers said it looked more like a tablecloth.

Rosie Brocklehurst commented: “Dorothy can keep it.”

Diane Hobson added: “Looks like a tablecloth.”

And Chrissie Oxley commented: “It’s horrible. They wouldn’t have to fight me for it – they can have it with pleasure.”

But some readers rather liked the now sold-out item. ‘Joanne Joanne’ comment: “OMG. This is the dress I have been looking for for ages.”


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