Oz in the News 11.15.16

584065492a9e45fb806f9d5c3623d61d_originalRemembering Disney’s Return to Oz – A Documentary Film “Remembering Return to Oz: Click Your Heels” is a brand new production featuring memories from several of the cast and crew members of the 1985 Disney cult classic film “Return to Oz.” The film will showcase “Return to Oz” fans in addition to some amazing “Return to Oz” movie memorabilia. Most of all, it celebrates a film… and not just any film, but a film about the America’s own fairyland: the Land of Oz, Dorothy, and her search to free the friends that everyone has grown to love. “Returning to Oz” is not only a film about the making of “Return to Oz”… it is about the memories of those involved in the filming and being a part of something so special. The documentary is being produced by FamilyFilmsProductions with Aaron Pacentine and Celia Foster as narrators. The film will feature Emma Ridley (Ozma), Justin Case (Scarecrow) alongside crew members and others involved with the film. Among those behind-the-scenes talent, we have Paul Maslansky (producer), Doug Aberle (claymation), and Craig Miller (Disney publicist from the 80’s). We are also honored to have the involvement of Disney historian Bill Cotter. Cotter will be sharing his thoughts and opinions on “Return to Oz.” Along the way we’ll meet a few “Return to Oz” collectors and get to see some of their amazing and rare memorabilia!


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