Oz in the News 11.12.16


Plano Library employee replicates ‘Wizard of Oz’ ruby slippers One of Randy Struthers’ earliest memories is watching the “Wizard of Oz” with his family. Fast forward 34 years and Struthers, who works as manager of Circulation Services at the Plano Library, is now working with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to support their campaign to conserve “Wizard of Oz” items on display at the museum in Washington, D.C. In January he contacted the Smithsonian about leaving them a bequest in his will for preservation of the authentic ruby slippers from the movie they have on display. The museum, he said, was aware of his shoe creations due to his website – www.randystruthers.com. He was asked to contribute by providing several pairs of ruby slippers that could be used as incentives for donors pledging at least $7,000 to the museum’s campaign. They are paying him $600 per pair to cover the cost of the supplies, but he is donating his time estimated at about 25 hours per pair, he said. The $7,000 donors will receive their custom ruby slippers after Dec. 1. Until then, one of the pairs is on display in a special case in the entry of the Plano Library at 15 W. North St. in Plano.


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