Oz in the News 11.10.16


Check out this Texas school’s magical Wizard of Oz garden From Pam Collins’ tiny seed, a fantasy garden grew. “I thought there would be a few chairs over here and two or three trees over there. Now look at this,” she says with wonder. It’s the Garden of Oz. There’s a grand entrance, a yellow brick road and a shed with the striped stocking legs of the Wicked Witch of the East sticking out. A life-sized Tin Man presides over all. There’s also an outdoor classroom, a music wall with wood and plastic instruments, raised garden beds, a rainwater reclamation system and benches.The garden, a gift from the Celina Garden Club, opened in late October at Celina Elementary School.

The front row: Review of Goodspeed’s ‘Chasing Rainbows: The Road to Oz’ As Judy, Ruby Rakos has a marvelous voice: she can belt with the best of them, and she can also infuse a ballad with sweetness, longing and heartbreak. Rakos also manages that nearly impossible task of beautifully evoking young Garland without impersonating her. Kevin Earley, as Garland’s father, Frank, gives a simultaneously tender and towering performance as a desperate man, unable to provide stability for his family and hiding a painful secret. The strongest song in the show, and the most powerful scene, is Earley’s delivery of “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.” Sally Wilfert, as Ethel Gumm, embodies the wounded wife and the stage mother who really cares about her children’s success. Ella Briggs (“Baby” Frances Gumm”) not only sings with the power and nuance that young Judy had, but she is also a marvelous actor whose scenes with her father, in particular, are only cute when they are meant to be; more often, they are honest and affecting.

Storybook Cosmetics Teases Wizard of Oz Makeup Palettes First of all, the packaging is gorgeous and resembles and emerald, leatherbound book with gold embossing. The shades on the back include Poppy, Wicked, Good Witch, Emerald City, Oz, Cyclone, Yellow Brick Road, and Toto. Judging by the names and sizes of the pans, we can expect eight eyeshadows in rich jewel tones that shine bright. (We’re particularly excited to see how Poppy turns out, given that burgundy eye makeup is at the top of our “looks to try” list this year.)


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