Oz in the news 10.10.16


NBC’s ‘Emerald City’ gives Dorothy a gun and sends her off to a very different Oz NBC unveiled its long-gestating limited series “Emerald City” at New York Comic-Con on Saturday, showing half of the two-hour special set to debut Jan. 6. The show sports a decidedly current, “Games of Throne-ish” vibe. As the action sweeps across epic vistas in a land before time, it offers up incantations, scheming and deadly serious quests — all while riffing on mainstay L. Frank Baum elements. In this version, ‎Dorothy (Adria Arjona‎) ends up in Oz‎ after crashing her police car during a stormy night in Kansas. She has killed a witch, but rather than colorful rejoicing Munchkins, she is greeted by a somber Native American-style tribe that reasons which soon become clear, is displeased with her unwitting act. They exile her from their land, though not before naming her German shepherd Toto — dog in Munchkinese, natch‎. Banished, Dorothy sets out to find the wizard whom she’s of course been told can get her home (some things don’t change). Meanwhile, in the heart of the Emerald City, its ruler, the Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio), is tightening his grip on power, providing a political current most don’t associate with the Baum books. Another departure from the original tale is the witches, who hold court in front of large harems, plotting against perceived enemies. There’s also a Red Woman — or,  at least, a woman in red — a witch that threatens Dorothy early on.‎

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