Oz in the News 10.6.16


Garden of Oz  In 1991, Hollywood resident Gail Cottman purchased a small plot of land directly beneath her Hollywood Hills abode. Originally intended to house a patch of roses, Cottman’s flower garden soon grew into something much more spectacular, and magical, than she could have ever imagined. To build her garden, Cottman’s contractor, Manuel Rodriguez, placed her roses in a bed of concrete. Noticing the dullness of the cement, Rodriguez decorated the concrete with tiles and beads to brighten it up. When Cottman noticed this new flowerbed design, it reminded her of one of her favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz, whose concept of “everyone is their own wizard” had inspired her throughout her life. She used this inspiration to take her project to the next level, devoting her entire garden’s decor to “Munchkinland,” a plant-filled garden dedicated to the Land of Oz. Weaving through trees and shrubs, the yellow-tiled path twisting through the Garden of Oz forms the “Yellow Brick Road,” which directs the rare visitor through a landscape of thousands of shining tiles. Featuring a crystal ball, the “Wall of Toys,” and a mailbox where you can send a letter directly to Oz, this folk art project features hundreds of plants, tiled staircases, and towering mosaics.


Celebrate Judy Garland at the London Palladium with a 50th anniversary spectacle  Held on the 15 October, experience never before seen and unique footage shown of Judy performing and singing her greatest hits come together with a live orchestra to accompany her magical voice and recreate her classic arrangements. On a featured live screen, hear and see Judy sing her iconic songs such as Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Once In A Lifetime, Almost Like Being In Love, Come Rain Or Shine alongside rare home videos and photographs from her extraordinary life.  This special concert will also be complimented by a brand new and exclusive exhibition of over 30 pieces across Judy’s costumes, dresses and memorabilia from her career, on loan from Judy’s son, Joey Luft. Set across two floors, at the Palladium, it features costumes that haven’t been exhibited before in the UK. The show will be hosted and narrated by Radio 2’s Leo Green who will share the stories behind the songs and career of one of the 20th century’s most iconic performers.


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