Oz in the News 9.22.16

2016-09-20-1474351952-6047688-rainbow06-thumbThe Song – “Over The Rainbow” With Hillary – One Son’s Dream According to Ernie Harburg, this beautiful and iconic song, lyrics by his father, Yip, and melody by Harold Arlen, is a mantra. And in his way of thinking, it’s a mantra for social justice, immigration, anti-bigotry and for believing in the right of home to be anywhere you land. “Why oh why can’t I?” is Yip’s question to Arlen’s climactic music. (In Japanese, the words translate as “Why can’t I do it?”) He believes that the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” embodies Clinton’s run for President and speaks to many of the problems that this country is going through today. He insists that there is no reason to give in to Trump’s cynicism, racism and lying. A new adaptation of the musical stage version of The Wizard of Oz is being performed this fall at The Harlem Repertory Theatre, directed by Keith Lee Grant, and Ernie is looking to hear a more percussive version of “Over the Rainbow” for the final number. He wants everyone on their feet the same way he wants everyone to get on their feet and go vote for the woman candidate.

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