Oz in the News 9.18.16

oz1Oz: Broken Kingdom Review – We’re Off To the Free the Wizard Being familiar with the traditional interpretation of The Wizard of Oz, I had no idea that things had turned so violent and aggressive since Dorothy’s first tale. That’s pretty much what you get with Oz: Broken Kingdom, though. The game is a level based RPG with players negotiating the land of Oz by destroying all enemies in their wake. It’s all quite reminiscent of other free-to-play RPGs on the market, but with an Oz style twist going on. Ultimately though, you’ll mostly be focusing on the campaign mode. A story gradually unfolds this way, and while it’s a little on the simplistic side, it’s rewarding to see how things pan out. You can switch your heroes around, giving you the opportunity to play as characters such as Tin Man, Lion, or Scarecrow. And if we ever managed to liberate the land of Oz in the end, we think we’ll feel pretty pleased about that too.


Over the Rainbow: Autumn at Oz attracts thousands  BEECH MOUNTAIN, NC — There’s no place quite like the Land of Oz. Wrapped in the whimsy and fantasy of the 1939 classic film, the 18-acre theme park opened its gates for its annual Autumn at Oz festival on Sept. 8, 9 and 10.Attracting more than 8,500 visitors from across the country, the three-day event offered fans the ultimate Oz experience. Following a shuttle ride up to the park, guests immersed themselves in the sights and sounds of Oz on their journey from Kansas to the Emerald City. After being greeted by emissaries of the Wizard upon arrival, each guest had the opportunity to have their picture made with Dorothy at the Fountain of Youth. Making their way to Kansas, characters such as the fortune-telling Professor Marvel and the mean-spirited Almira Gulch greeted them along the way. While Marvel foretold of the coming tornado, Gulch encouraged passersby to report any sighting of Dorothy and her companion, Toto, the adorable little dog whom Gulch described as “a menace to the community.”

img_4847-crop-u39984Elements of Oz  See the Land of Oz as never before as The Builders Association takes you behind the scenes and into the legacy of The Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum’s classic is revisited live onstage while the custom-designed Elements of Oz app turns each audience member’s phone into part of the performance. From Dark Side of the Moon and “Friends of Dorothy” to a virtual YouTube chorus singing Oz classics, revel in its longstanding greatness and many interpretations and tributes.


Look Inside Judy Garland’s Rustic Home in Bel-Air  The picture that made her a star, of course, was The Wizard of Oz (1939). To millions all over the world she will be remembered forever as the lovable Dorothy, wistfully searching for happiness somewhere over the rainbow. A 1939 special Oscar honored her for her “outstanding performance as a screen juvenile.” It was during the making of the picture that Garland and her mother planned their new house on one of Bel-Air’s most bucolic streets. Though she was still a teenager, Garland was deeply involved in the project, and she probably provided much of its inspiration. During the years in Lancaster her mother had forced her to spend much of her time on the road, going from audition to audition, job to job; later, in Los Angeles, there had been a series of apartments and rented houses. The house in Bel-Air was to be the first permanent home she had had since leaving Minnesota twelve years earlier.

Is It Still Scary: Return to Oz  From 1995 to 1996, my sister subjected my family to a daily viewing of The Wizard of Oz. Daily. As in she convinced each of my recently divorced parents that she’d be less traumatized by our broken family if she got to eat Ramen Noodles for dinner every night, sitting in front of the TV, watching her rapidly deteriorating VHS copy of the beloved 1939 classic. Maybe in hopes of expanding our movie collection or perhaps in a desperate fit of, “I can’t f*cking watch The Wizard of Oz one more time,” my dad introduced us to Return to Oz, the 1985 sequel-ish to the (set on permanent repeat in the Maxwell household) classic musical. He had a receptive audience in me; I was one “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” before my descent into madness.


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