Oz in the News 7.23.16

2796131_web1_160720-MIR-Glinda1Youth Theatre Northwest presents ‘Glinda of Oz’ this month  YTN is excited to adapt Baum’s final book, “Glinda of Oz,” into a magical theatre experience. Adapted by Kate Swenson and directed by Hattie Clare Andres, “Glinda of Oz” performs July 15 through July 31 at the Mercer Island High School Performing Arts Center, 9100 SE 42nd St. “There are three kinds of magic in the Land of Oz. Animals and beasts have their natural magic, Glinda and the Wizard practice sorcery, and Princess Ozma, supreme ruler of Oz, uses her fairy magic to keep the peace. But in a faraway corner of this enchanted land, a new kind of magic has been born. The kind of magic that leads to war,” according to a YTN press release. “It’s up to Princess Ozma and her dear old friend Dorothy to end a deadly feud between the Flatnoggins and the Skeezers.”

Todrick Hall on His Inspired ‘Lemonade’-Meets-‘Wizard of Oz’ Mash-Up  I always wanted to be in some other kind of world. Instead of dealing with real-life situations, I would come home and run away to this world in my backyard where I would literally just have this vivid imagination. And I was always making costumes and stuff. That was my idea of fun when I was a little kid, like all the people who knew me will say that I was always doing arts and crafts and writing musicals and putting on skits. I think I identify with the story so much because I grew up in a really small town where people didn’t understand me, and I felt much like how Dorothy feels in the story. And all I ever wanted to do was get out and go someplace where people who were like me were there and I could make my dreams come true. But also, I’m gay! You know, there’s a reason why they call us “friends of Dorothy.” A lot of gay people love the story, whether it be the rainbow situation, or the fact that the Tin Man’s body is bangin’, but there’s just something about the story that attracts us to it. [Laughs]


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