Oz in the News 7.13.16

enhanced-buzz-18300-1355246095-10Wicked Star Kristin Chenoweth Wants To Be Part Of The Movie, But In A Different Role  Kristin Chenoweth recently sat down to speak with PEOPLE about both the upcoming movie adaptation of Wicked, and a possible reunion of the original cast. When asked about the possibility of playing Glinda the Good Witch on the big screen, she said the following: “I know there’s been news of the movie, and I would love to be in it in any capacity. Maybe I’ll play a munchkin this time.” Well, she does stand at a whopping 4’11. While Kristin Chenoweth is (most likely) kidding about being an unnamed munchkin in a Wicked film, it’s safe to say that she’d like to be involved a bit more extensively in the adaptation. In the same interview, she the actress recalled her recent viral video singing with costar Idina Menzel, hinting that fans would most likely want to see the pair together again in the movie.

Todrick Hall Talks Visual Album ‘Straight Outta Oz’ & Hiding Who He Was on ‘American Idol’  I loved The Wizard of Oz so much to the point that I’ve gotten a full-sleeve tattoo of Wizard of Oz-inspired art. I’ve just always loved the story so much and I was like, “I would love to take this story and tell it in a way that my fans haven’t seen me do it before.” I’ve done three or four Wizard of Oz-themed videos but I also auditioned for The Wiz. I got so close to getting the [role of the] Scarecrow and I didn’t get it. I was super depressed. Performers go and do auditions all the time and when you don’t get them, it’s like whatever but because it was The Wizard of Oz and that story is so special to me, I was like, “There’s not a person in America who would want this role more than I would want it.” I decided to turn all the negative things in my life into positives and was like “I didn’t get The Wiz so I’m gonna go make my own version of The Wiz.”

‘Judy Garland Greatest Hits Live’ Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Out Today  Savoy Jazz is excited to announce the release of “Judy Garland Greatest Hits Live” on limited edition audiophile quality colored vinyl as part of Amazon’s “Prime Day” sale today. This special reissue includes recordings taken from the legendary CBS Television series “The Judy Garland Show”which ran for 26 episodes beginning in 1963. The project is a celebratory sampling of her most popular hits and features rare beloved duets including the all-time classic “Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again” with Barbra Streisand. Other guests include Tony Bennett, Ray Bolger and Ethel Merman.


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