Oz in the News 7.6.16

f6f10e2af7d896b3c99ade54a89a304b_originalKickstarter Alert: Explore L. Frank Baum’s magical world of Oz in this RPG pixel video game  ‘Land of Oz’ is an RPG that takes place years before Dorothy’s arrival in Oz. You play as Captain Fyter, a tin soldier sent to investigate reports of flying monkeys over Winkie County. Along the way you will meet characters from the Oz Universe, including the Wizard and the Nome King. Land of Oz will take place primarily in Winkie County (the western part of Oz) but the player will be able to explore the Emerald City and other locations. Emphasis will be less on combat and more on exploration and a branching storyline.

JUDY GARLAND IN CONCERT 50th Anniversary Celebration Comes to the London Palladium, Oct. 15  Celebrate the legendary voice of Judy Garland in the 50th anniversary year of her iconic London Palladium performance in this audio visual spectacle on the 15th October. Some never before seen and unique footage shown of Judy performing and singing her greatest hits come together with a fabulous live orchestra to accompany her magical voice and recreate her classic arrangements. On screen, hear and see her sing her iconic songs such as Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Once In A Lifetime, Almost Like Being In Love, Come Rain Or Shine plus rare home videos and photographs from her extraordinary career and life. The show will be hosted and narrated by Radio 2’s Leo Green who will share the stories behind the songs and career of one of the 20th century’s most iconic performers. This special concert will also be complimented by a brand new and exclusive exhibition of over 30 pieces across Judy’s costumes, dresses and memorabilia from her career, on loan from Judy’s son, Joey Luft.


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