Oz in the News 7.2.16

636014327496717574-OzTheatrical rock ballet ‘Over the Rainbow’ coming to New Jersey  ‘Over the Rainbow’ is a direct parallel to ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Each character in “The Wizard of Oz’ took a journey to find themselves, and this is what these kids are doing. Their motto has become “Dance Transforms All,” and they are finding themselves through the arts, but mostly through dance.” “I really like that ‘Over the Rainbow ‘has an edge to the classical story, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ I love dancing in my Red Dr. Martens boots.” “It’s a really different interpretation of the show, and it’s fun that all of the characters are branding differently. It’s not dancers all in high heeled sparkly shoes. We have a little edge.” Producer Marlowe Scott said their long-term goal is to bring the production to off Broadway.

Munchkin Land gets a facelift  Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz have seen many visitors during its many years as a Liberal tourist stop. Part of that experience included the Munchkinland playground area for younger children to play in. However, after several years, the equipment in the playground began to take on wear and tear, leading local Eagle Scout Christian Ermann to take on the playground as his Eagle Scout project. Now, after many months of waiting and fundraising, the new equipment for the Munchkinland playground is all but finished installing, save for only a few finishing touches.  “We are so excited about this project!” Coronado Museum Director JoAnne Mansell said. “We’re very honored Christian chose us to his Eagle project, and we think Eagle Scout projects are very worthwhile. The support of the community is essential to the growth and prosperity of the historical society. This is a unique and customized piece of playground equipment designed especially for the Land of Oz.”

The Key Film That Helped Steven Spielberg Wrap His Mind Around The BFG  “The protagonist was going to allow us at a certain point to believe that four feet tall can completely outrank a 25 foot giant, and I got very excited that this was going to be a little girl’s story and her courage and her values were going to, in a way, turn the cowardly lion into the great hero at the end – which is what she turns BFG into. I saw all kinds of Wizard of Oz comparisons when I was first reading the book, and I said, ‘Here’s a real chance to do a story about Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, just the two of them.'”


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