Oz in the News 6.2.16

f85411df9d5d5718ff6767d50d59d01fDid It Really Need A Game?: Wizard Of Oz  A good chunk of the game has levels that never appeared in the movie. They were inspired by the 1990 cartoon which is a sequel/spinoff of sorts. Enemy characters include ambulatory chairs, cats made of cacti, cornstalks that ride unicycles, and various weird creatures. Dorothy uses a ward, and can kick enemies. The Scarecrow can use a pitchfork and projectiles, but is very weak and will instantly die if he gets hit by fire. The Tin Man is the strongest character, with his axe and a powerful kick, but he can’t jump. The Cowardly Lion is a big chicken (of course), but is very good in a fight. He can also climb trees.

The Three Brilliant Movies That Inspired Pixar Before Toy Story  “We used to say this when we were trying to figure out who we wanted to be after Toy Story… The only thing that got us through Toy Story was because we didn’t think we were going to get to do it again. We knew the technology better than anybody, but we knew that it was going to be the ugliest picture we ever made… So we said, ‘What are the films that are so clearly technologically limited, but we still watch?’ And it was Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and I’m forgetting the other movie now. Snow White. And we said, ‘That’s because it’s the story.’ So, we said, ‘Alright, we’re going to put all of our eggs in the story basket.’”

Wizard Of Oz Actor Makes Hay As Straw Man  “Yeah!  I play the Scarecrow, falling down the entire show. But it’s worth it for that applause,” says Morgan Reynolds. The slender, affable young man says despite protective pads and the character’s straw padding, the role requires a lot. “Like a warm-up and stretching and a lot of maintenance. I get PT once a week–physical therapy–because it does quite a number on my body.” But Reynolds  says it’s got one more important element: emotion. “We see a lot of people crying.  The effects that it has on our audience is quite overwhelming. Even me, and I’ve done almost 200 performances and I still get choked up during that last scene.”


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