Oz in the News 5.23.16

17613bfccace629377ea7150e55c9b09Kickstarter Launches an Amazing Story by one of the creators of “The Wizard of Oz” entitled The Pearl and the Pumpkin  Kickstarter launches an amazing story by the creator of “The Wizards of Oz entitled Pearl and the Pumpkin. The story is based on the 1904 book and subsequent Broadway musical by W.W Denslow and Paul West. It was updated with new comedy and music by Daniel Freedman and produced at The Dramatists Guild in New York City. In addition to this, the show will be performed with wonderful costumes including a very magical 18 musical numbers. The creator of this story is very excited to present this campaign to all people in different parts of the world. Apart from this, they also believe that this will be a very exciting production for the theater venue. It has been their desire to have a huge venue show and they also think it would be wonderful for a video production. They are very hopeful for their stretch goals including $45,000 sets and props as well as DVD manufacture, $40,000 larger orchestra, $35,000 additional music rehearsals and $30,000 additional costumes and lighting. People who will pledge $250 and above will get a Gold Reward that includes signed sheet music book from the show plus two tickets to the show and all Silver rewards.


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