Oz in the News 5.5.16

1462390725737Dance Review: The Wizard of Oz  Act 1 opens with Dorothy in hospital, recovering from a coma. Her adventures in Oz are portrayed as coma-induced dreams. The journey that she and her friends take is also Dorothy’s own journey from child to young woman. This transition is skilfully achieved, especially in the lyrical and very moving closing passages between Dorothy and the Wizard.  The work is, at times, quite cinematic. Scenes in the hospital seguing into those on a 1930’s beach and the closing sequence of characters strolling across the stage, are pure Fellini. Yet it stays true to Baum’s book, with only occasional hints at MGM’s much-loved film. Lucy Green is the perfect Dorothy – kind and pure of heart, who happens to dance like an angel. Abigail Boyle is a radiant Glinda, Good Witch of the North.  She is superbly partnered by William Fitzgerald’s very youthful Wizard, who also doubles as The Prince of Porcelain (Those entrechats six!). Loughlan Prior’s boneless Scarecrow is very endearing. While Mayu Tanigaito’s extraordinary Witch of the West is brilliantly evil and evilly brilliant. Newcomers Felipe Domingos is a dashing Guardian of Emerald City and Veronika Maritati, a delightfully energetic and bumbling Mrs Wolf. Laura Jones as the Princess of Porcelain is refined and elegant, with a pure classical line. She is ready to risk more in a major role. And Sir John Trimmer as Uncle Henry brings a lovely gravitas and poignancy to his scenes with Green.


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