Oz in the News 5.4.16

LS1716_56_SUP_Francesco_Credit-Stephen-ACourtThe Wizard of Oz creator Francesco Ventriglia – interview  The set design and costumes are by celebrated Italian opera designer Gianluca Falaschi. Ventriglia says the costumes have their own theatrical language. “The Wizard of Oz is his first ballet. We have tried to put the dramaturgy in every costume so it can tell the story. They are very colourful, sparkly, and the set is incredibly energetic. “It is like a magic box – every scene is a surprise, and you are in a different world.” Likewise, the choreography has been specifically tailored to interpret each character with a specific dance vocabulary. “The Porcelain scene is a tutu ballet moment, it is classical; in the flying monkeys scene, I use more contemporary vocabulary. The first time that Glinda, Witch of the North, gives the red shoes to Dorothy, she does a tap dance. So the dancers who play Dorothy have had tap-dance classes for weeks.”


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