Oz in the News 5.1.16

maxresdefaultA Judy Garland Hologram Will Tour the World in 2017 Though Judy Garland’s legacy still lingers, in cover songs and sing-along screenings and her still-massive fanbase, the star’s true stage presence hasn’t been felt since her death in 1969—until, perhaps, now. Hologram USA, the company that brought Dean Martin back to the Vegas stage and beamed Julian Assange from London to a conference in Nantucket, will team with FilmOn TV and Royal Rainbow Productions to introduce a hologram of Judy Garland as part of a stage show that will tour the globe in 2017. Alki David, Hologram USA’s C.E.O., worked with her son, Joey Luft, to create a hologram version of the star, with her performances drawn largely from The Judy Garland Show, which aired on CBS from 1963 to 1964. “It will be a one-hour attraction in the style of a Broadway show,” David explains. “There will be a lot of narrative and a lot of music.” The details of the show and the tour are still in the works, but David promises “a completely digital Garland,” accomplished via its established hologram technology as well as work with new real-time motion capture, which will allow actors onstage to be transformed into Garland’s body. It’s the same technology used for the hologram of Tupac Shakur at Coachella in 2013—and all based on an old carnival trick called Pepper’s Ghost—but with a constantly evolving high-tech twist. “Every show is a little different,” David explains. “We have different technologies other than just the projections, certain novel animation techniques, voice modulations, things like that that sort of make the projection really as spectacular as possible.” He continues, “They will see a real life Judy Garland onstage performing her life story, her trials and tribulations, her greatest songs, and it will be a celebration of her life in a very entertaining, witty, musical.”

042916-erics-wow-bags-3Sara Battaglia Takes Ferragamo Somewhere Over the Rainbow with New Handbag Collection  Italian designer Sara Battaglia’s collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo arrived in stores this week, creating a mild buzz for color enthusiasts, rainbow lovers, and Judy Garland fans alike. The Fifth Avenue store in New York City sold at least seven of Battaglia’s handbag designs on the first day, said James Ferragamo, who directs the women’s leather goods business. Ferragamo and Battaglia arrived in New York on Thursday for the launch, which had been previewed in Milan earlier this year. The designs – many of them featuring rainbow stripes that are swirly and skewed – were inspired by a rainbow wedge designed by Ferragamo’s grandfather for Judy Garland in 1938; other styles are offered in all black or gold versions, from $1,990 for a clutch to $4,400 for amink drawstring satchel. The rainbow-striped satchel in calfskin that Battaglia carried herself, and that costs $2,150, is the closest in spirit to Garland’s original wedge.


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