Oz in the News 4.25.16

24-Pratt.w529.h352Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Win Parenting With Classic MGM Movies  Chris Pratt and Anna Faris seem to have parenting figured out. Their son, Jack, also known as the world’s craftiest and most polite child ever, is probably going to be the only kid in his preschool class who can reference vintage films. Anna and Chris flipped on The Wizard of Oz for their little dude.  Chris captioned his photo, “The best part of parenthood is experiencing old things as new. Currently off to see the wizard, the wonderful #WizardOfOz.” This is better than anything on Disney Channel these days. Trust me, Jack.

Liverpool’s LGBT Quarter to undergo Wizard of Oz makeover Commencing today (Monday 25 April), Eberle Street will undergo a major transformation removing the tired asphalt construction  with a unique paving and lighting scheme paying homage to the Yellow Brick Road and the mythical Land of Oz via it’s connection with Garlands Nightclub and Judy Garland. The works jointly funded by Liverpool BID Company and Liverpool City Council, represent the biggest investment in the City’s ‘Stanley Street Quarter’ for a decade and aim to be complete for the City’s annual Pride celebrations in late July. The innovative scheme celebrates Liverpool’s LGBT community and heritage, and is inspired by the diverse range of entertainment venues in the area such as the Artist Club, Garlands, Passion and Gbar.


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