Oz in the News 4.6.16

IMG_0839Couple tries to break into Dorothy’s house at old Land of Oz  Authorities in Beech Mountain are searching for two people who broke down the door to Dorothy’s farmhouse in the old Land of Oz amusement park. Shawn Freeman, chief of police in the resort town of 320 on the Avery and Watauga county line, said Tuesday that a man and a woman entered the mountaintop park Thursday and broke in the door at the Kansas-style house that serves as a portal to the historic attraction. When a burglar alarm went off, they fled, Freeman said. When officers arrived, they had vanished, but their time in the park was captured on surveillance video. Nothing inside Dorothy’s house – furnished like the one in the classic 1939 “Wizard of Oz” movie – appeared to be disturbed. Vandalism has been a problem at Land of Oz, which closed in 1980 but is still used for festivals and group events. Hundreds of pieces of the park’s signature Yellow Brick Road have been taken by souvenir-hunters. “Contrary to what you read on Facebook, the park is not abandoned,” Freeman said. “It’s private property.” “We didn’t have this problem before social media,” said Page Leidy, whose family has owned the property for decades. He said the intruders were inside the park for about 12 minutes according to security video.

“Wizard of Oz” Author L. Frank Baum’s Great Grandson, Internationally Recognized Children’s Book Author Roger Baum, Appointed to the Advisory Board  “I’m very excited to be working with someone of Roger Baum’s international renown,” stated Inspirational Vision Media’s CEO Steve Previch. “His creative influence on our ‘Legends of Oz’ franchise will be invaluable as we work towards bringing the many ‘Legends of Oz’ Intellectual Properties to market.” This includes the “Legends of Oz — Dorothy Returns” 3D animated feature film along with all associated IPs and assets including the ten book “Oz” series by leading children’s author Roger Baum.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Wizard of Oz Themed Episode Preview


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