Oz in the News 2.5.16


“Ruth Plumly Me!” – The Most Prolific Royal Historian Of Oz  We never met, although l lived a short two-hour train ride away from her suburban Philadelphia home for the last eighteen months or so of her life. But my pleasure this week in revisiting her talent led me to dig through a filing cabinet and pull out the dozen or so letters and cards she sent in response to my pre-teen, teenage, and young adult fervor in the years between 1963 and 1975. Her comments alternate between light and airy, encouraging and reflective, complimentary and delighted – and cover topics ranging from her ongoing plethora of mail from Oz fans (guilty as charged here…), to her new apartment (“a prize; biggest bonus: air conditioning, and another plus: the swimming pool”), the weather (“March – thank Pete – is gone – not much snow but fifty and sixty mile gusts that nearly blew me over the swimming pool”), her attendance at her first Oz Club Convention and her quiet gratification at being honored with the Club’s L. Frank Baum Memorial Award (“…medal now hanging high. l should say plaque, a really handsome piece”), and her pride in niece Dottie’s “two young children[:] Doug now 3 ½ and Debbie 8 mos. Keep things pretty lively.”


One response to “Oz in the News 2.5.16

  1. Fantastic! Really enjoyed this!

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