Oz in the News 1.18.16


Judy Garland’s Dakota residence asks $16.7M  A nine-room apartment at the Dakota is back on the market following a thorough redesign — and it just may have a celebrity connection.  The 4,700-square-foot apartment belonged to the late Jacqueline Bikoff, a “pianist and ballerina of Iranian descent who was a fixture on the Studio 54 scene,” according to the New York Observer. But before Bikoff moved in and hired her 25-year-old daughter, Sasha Bikoff, to give the apartment a slightly quirky makeover, it belonged to none other than Judy Garland, according to the New York Times.

©RGeroni_TheFilmsofJudyGarland_WOZ_FinalThe Films of Judy Garland  My love for classic films inspired me to design and letter a series of retro title cards. I will be creating works inspired by my favorite films, their titles, and the promotional ephemera created for them. The pieces will be 4×3 like most of their original aspect ratios. I am beginning the project with a series of titles from films starring my favorite actress, Judy Garland, that most movie fans would associate with her: The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, and A Star is Born. I will then be starting from the very beginning of her film career in 1936 and continuing chronologically until her final film that she completed in 1963. At the end of the project, I hope to have a poster printed (or available to have printed) at the original one-sheet movie poster size (27” x 41”). I also hope to continue the series, focusing on other actors, genres and movements, and perhaps create informative, themed film posters!


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