Oz in the News 1.13.16


D3 CREATES LED BACKDROP FOR LIVE WIZARD OF OZ REMAKE  Visual production specialist d3 has helped American TV company NBC remake The Wizard of Oz – this time with an African-American cast. The live production had a stage-box setting in which an LED back wall formed a scenic backdrop, while three LED portals opened and closed as automated scenery tracked in and out. “We always wanted to keep an image up on stage,” said  screens programmer Ben Keightley. “Content would push new versions of media to me and r12’s Content Management would automatically update it on stage. If a file was bad or if Ben preferred another version, I could roll back to the previous version in seconds.” Keightley added: “I had never done as much with d3 as we did for ‘The Wiz Live!’” The tornado sequence, for example, evolved during the course of production. Late in the process the screens team was asked to show Dorothy’s house falling down. “The animators made six or seven 3D models of the house, and Ben and I animated the motion, added smoke layers and adjusted their intensity, added motion blur, crushed the white levels of the house and flipped it 180º.  Everything was done in d3; there was no time to pull it back into content,” said Keightley.


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