Oz in the News 1.4.16

AR-15123990Joe Shipbaugh is off to see the Wizard most days  “When I was 2, my sister got a ‘Wizard of Oz’ jewelry box,” he recalls. “I stole it from her and hid it in my closet. That was the first thing I ever had.” These days, an entire room at Shipbaugh’s home is devoted, floor to ceiling, to “Oz” memorabilia. His collection began on his third birthday, when he was given numerous products that had just been released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of “Wizard of Oz.” His collection has continued to grow, with his most recent acquisitions being a limited-edition Dorothy doll by Madame Alexander and an Emerald City cookie jar. “I realize I’m obsessed and it’s clinical,” joked Shipbaugh, a Minerva High School graduate employed as a server at The Twisted Olive. “But I’m not ashamed at all. It’s something people remember me by.” Incidentally, Shipbaugh has an 8-year-old black cairn terrier named Toto — of course — who is a dead ringer for Dorothy’s dog. He also makes and sells “Oz”-themed paintings, and portrayed the Scarecrow in the Canton Players Guild’s 2011 production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Movie Review: Of Oz the Wizard  Alphabetical as be deserves film in of Of order, Oz review the the this will Wizard written. Just kidding. The review will not be written in alphabetical order, for the sake of anyone who’d care enough to try and decipher it. Plus, it wouldn’t work on the level that Of Oz the Wizard does. Created in 2004 (according to the description) and released on Vimeo at the very end of 2015, this experimental film from Matt Bucy is a bizarre and original art project that manages to be entertaining, funny and even a little poignant. The basic idea: Bucy has re-edited The Wizard of Oz so that every word spoken throughout the film is in alphabetical order. Even the production logo and credits are put in alphabetical order, with the film being produced by Goldwyn Mayer Metro and “by Directed Fleming Victor.”


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