Oz in the News 12.18.15

dt.common.streams.StreamServerDiane Tate’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Christmas trees celebrates her successful brain surgery  From the time she was a teenager, Tate had seizures, sometimes several a day. After decades of trying different medications, nothing seemed to help. Finally, on the recommendation of Dr. David Hanson, Tate and her husband, Johnny, traveled to Rochester, Minnesota, for seven grueling days of testing. On Jan. 11, 2000, a medical team came into Tate’s room with the news that they had found that a brain lesion was causing the seizures. Two months later, she returned to Mayo for a craniotomy and removal of the lesion. Instantly, the seizures were gone. “After 27 years of seizure activity, I was healed,” she said. “I hadn’t driven in years. I very happily stood in line with the teenagers to get my driver’s license.” As a get-well gift, friends Sue Davis and Michelle Whittington gave Tate her first “Wizard of Oz” Christmas ornament featuring the Scarecrow, who only wanted a brain. “They said that neither of us had brains,” Tate said with a laugh.


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