Oz in the News 11.21.15


A Judy Garland “Dorothy” dress is expected to bring in big bucks at auction  “We think of this as such a classic simple look but it actually took several iterations to get to this point. So most of those test dresses from the two weeks that were scrapped and then the examples to get to this point have turned up in the market place. And that’s why you think, ‘oh, I think this dress came up recently.’ So you’re really thinking of those test dresses. But the screen used dress, the screen used gingham print pinafore is actually really quite rare. We know of two examples, this is one of them.”

Bidding on Dorothy’s dress  From the yellow brick road to a Roman empire, the “Treasures from the Dream Factory” movie auction has something for a wide variety of film collectors and lovers. Bonhams auction house and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) have assembled 400 lots for its annual sale that includes costumes, scripts, awards, movie posters and props. SOUNDBITE: Catherine Williamson, director of entertainment memorabilia at Bonhams, saying (English): “To me it’s one of the most democratic, this collecting discipline, because it really does appeal to everybody. Everybody can find something that means something to them in this room.” The top lot is a screen worn dress from “The Wizard of Oz,” which is expected to sell between $800,000 – $1.2 million (USD).




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