Oz in the News 11.12.15

af92b0a0-890b-11e5-91b4-577fa113b284_Oz1-LOGONEWSole mission to create ultra-hip men’s shoes in Singapore Chen Yieh is a 66-year-old shoe maverick who has been on a mission for nearly two decades in Singapore to sharpen the sartorial sense of men. He passionately believes that the shoes make the man and speaks out against bland conformity. Many men have worn his Beatlesque boots and other cutting edge footwear bearing the imprint of The Wizard of Oz and experienced moments of shoegazing from admirers. His men’s shoe showroom cum warehouse may be located at a remote commercial building but it has drawn steady streams of local customers ranging from celebrities arriving in their flashy sports cars to conservatively dressed executives taking their first tentative steps to raise their hip quotient.

Gregory Maguire Is One Of Albany Public Library’s Literary Legends Two authors with strong Albany ties Gregory Maguire and Barbara Smith will be honored at the second annual Literary Legends Event Saturday November 14th. The Literary Legends Event recognizes outstanding local authors, illustrators, and publishers for their extraordinary contributions to the art of letters. Maguire and Smith join last year’s honorees William Kennedy, Paul Grondhal, and Amy Biancolli at Albany Literary Legends. Maguire is an Albany native who received international acclaim for hisWicked series of novels. The first of which focused on L. Frank Baum’s the Wicked Witch of the West and was turned into the wildly successful Broadway musical Wicked. He has written dozens of books and short stories, his latest is After Alice: A Novel, ​a magical new twist on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carol’s beloved classic.

Marissa Mayer may have spent $70K so top execs could dress up as ‘Wizard of Oz’ characters  Last fall, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer held an elaborate “Wizard of Oz” themed photo shoot with the company’s top execs that some say cost $70,000. Mayer planned the photo shoot in preparation for Yahoo’s annual “End of the Year” party. Although she meant the shoot to boost morale, Swisher reports that some employees found its price embarrassingly high.

Macy’s Day Parade circa 1940’s


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