Oz in the News 11.6.15

1229056_wicked-flying-monkeys-3dGrindstone flys with FilmSharks’ ‘Monkeys’ Alberto Mar directed the animation set within the Wizard Of Oz universe created by L Frank Baum and told from the perspective of the titular characters as they fight to free themselves from the rule of the wicked witch. The Book Of Life director Jorge Gutierrez wrote the story, created character designs and served as executive producer. Grindstone’s head of acquisitions Stan Wertlieb says, “This is such a fresh and unique look at the world of OZ. Kids and their families are sure to be enchanted.”

judy-judy-judyHelen Sheals, Belinda Wollaston, Lucy Penrose as Judy Garland  Through the Mill chronicles the turbulent life of the legendary singer, her rise from teenager to MGM movie star, from “has-been” to concert hall darling and her short-lived career as a TV personality. On film, on stage or in people’s living rooms every Sunday evening, Garland was, and continues to be, one of the biggest stars of Hollywood’s golden age. As conflicted as she was celebrated,Through the Mill gives the audience an opportunity to go beyond the rainbow and witness the life of a woman destined for greatness, one who is as loved today as she was when she made her way along the yellow brick road.


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