Oz in the News 11.2.15

Evil_of_OzReview: ‘The Evil of Oz’  The standout in this book is the art of Sanjana Baijnath. His twisted take on the mythos of Oz and the color palette he employs give this book much of its creepy feel and punch. From the most noble to the most vile, Baijnath gives them all a distinct style that somewhat combines Walter Keane’s saucer-eyed look with the art direction of video games such as Alice and Fables. The result is a stunning interpretation of Oz that gives this story much more life. While the tale is pretty basic, The Evil of Oz benefits greatly from its art and overall look. It’s bloody, creepy, and an overall solid look at the darker side of L Frank Baum’s world.

New Wizard of Oz attraction in Johor’s Sanrio Hello Kitty Town  You enter a dark tent – it’s Dark Gypsy Kitty! – and you are given a memory test. The whirlwind of excitement around the attraction is distracting. Lifestyle reporter Alex Yip’s pick was Wood Factory, where you get to simulate wood chopping. As expected, the adventure ends at the merchandise shop, which sells exclusive memorabilia and collectibles. Although the activities appear aimed at children, the grown-ups seemed to appreciate them the most and made a celebration of it. Anyone in a costume was met with unbridled enthusiasm from guests. And, of course, anything that could be eaten, from canned drinks to cucumbers for the satay, was stamped with a Kitty symbol.


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