Oz in the News 10.14.15

5TopsOzDeliTops Markets formally opens Wizard of Oz-themed store in Chittenango  Tops Markets has unveiled its new “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”-themed store location with a formal opening in Chittenango. Based on the famous novel by Chittenango native L. Frank Baum, the store’s décor pays homage to the author’s famous tale which is marking its 115th anniversary in 2015. The décor includes familiar characters and faces like the cowardly lion, tin man, and the flying monkeys, Tops said. The company invested $250,000 on improvements at the Chittenango store.

They’re Off to See the Wizard in The Wiz Live!  Check the just-released key art to see 18-year-old newcomer Shanice Williams as Dorothy, the Kansas farm girl who lands in the land of Oz after a disastrous tornado, David Alan Grier as the Cowardly Lion, Ne-Yo (yes, that Ne-Yo!) as the Tin Man, Elijah Kelley (Hairspray) as the Scarecrow and an adorable puppy as the little dog.

Oz Celebration: Coronado Island Party  CORONADO ISLAND… might have some of the Oz-est cred in all the land, thanks to the fact that author L. Frank Baum penned many a fantastical adventure while residing in the San Diego burg. Not only did he spend quite a bit of time there, but he played a designer, too, for the Hotel del Coronado (those crown chandeliers in the main ballroom are straight from Mr. Baum’s imagination). And Coronado pauses a couple of times each year to pay homage to his books and film, whether it is the summertime Winkie Con or Celebrate Oz! on Saturday, Oct. 17. Celebrate Oz! is just ahead, and much like in the story, a mayor will make a cameo, though it shall be Mayor Casey Tanaka of Coronado, do note, and not the Mayor of Munchkinland.

Lost in Transition: Meet the Transgender Princess of ‘The Marvelous Land of Oz’  Learning about Ozma of Oz from a friend a few years back came just before my own personal revelation about being transgender, which I didn’t handle as deftly as Ozma does at the climax of this story. So it’s a story that carries personal weight with me. Like everyone else, I am a product of competing, at times contradictory, social forces, navigating the mixed messages of the world. The world told me to be one way, and so I put up a wall between myself and this side of myself that I didn’t want to acknowledge, and over the years, cracks appeared and I tried not to notice.

WIZARD OF OZ Among 25 Most Re-Watchable Movies of All Time  The folks at Five Thirty Eight recently conducted a SurveyMonkey poll to find out what are the 25 Most Rewatchable movies of all time. Among the results, men favored THE GODFATHER films while women appear to lean more towards the Julie Andrews classic, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Also making the Top 25 were THE WIZARD OF OZ, GREASE, THE LION KING and and THE PRINCESS BRIDE.


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