Oz in the News 10.10.15

oz1_r900x493At Lamb’s, an all-American ‘OZ’ “The approach is that it’s an American fairy tale based on (the United States) at the turn of the 19th century. So you have a dusty, dirty Kansas, and the musical approach is sort of rootsy. “What we’ve got is a sort of mixture of a vocabulary that comes from American music — we’ve got a ragtime song, a lot of bluegrass and country and folk.” And while the show should still be suitable for children, it may not be quite the bright Technicolor take that many remember from the classic 1939 movie. “There are dark things in the book,” Lorenz notes, “and the things that are scarier that made it interesting to me. That sort of permeated through all the characters.” Its songs are all new (no “Over the Rainbow” here), and Lorenz also dispenses with the movie’s conceit that the tornado-borne adventures of the Kansas farm girl Dorothy (played at Lamb’s by Megan Carmitchel) may have been a dream. “I like the idea from the book that this all really happened,” Lorenz says.

dfgdBroadway-Aimed Judy Garland Musical Announces Cast for NC “World Premiere”  Ruby Rakos, who appeared in the ensemble of Broadway’s Billy Elliot, has been confirmed to play the role of Judy Garland in what’s being billed as the world premiere of the new musical Chasing Rainbows: The Road to Oz at Flat Rock Playhouse in North Carolina. Other cast members were announced Oct. 9. Previews begin Nov. 27; the limited engagement is scheduled through Dec. 19. Another pre-Broadway production of the same property is scheduled to open at Goodspeed Musicals in September 2016. The show tells the story of Garland’s childhood up to the time she is cast as Dorothy in the film classic “The Wizard of Oz.”


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