Oz in the News 10.05.15

2799abc23f1acec873c0a48bff2f6855_originalTin Man & Lil * A Hackimated Short Film  What if there was a such thing as “non-stop-motion animation?”  What if I could hack the animation process to bring you something truly unique in 1/4 the time?  With your help I’m going to create a unique steampunk puppet-animated original short film starring the Tin Man of Oz and featuring celebrity guest voices like Howie Mandel… and it’s going to be every bit as weird and wonderful as it sounds!

Somewhere over the rainbow…in North Carolina: The ‘creepy’ theme park based on The Wizard of Oz  Follow the yellow brick road — if you dare. A North Carolina theme park known as the Land of Oz has been showcased in images taken by pseudonymous photographer Seph Lawless. The photographs, showing the Beech Mountain attraction, are part of a book Lawless published this year, called Bizarro: The World’s Most Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Theme Parks.  A castle, trees decorated with faces and a gate that features the word ‘Oz’ are seen as some of the park’s elements. Lawless told Dailymail.com: ‘This place was especially creepy because of the large trees with faces. ‘It was also very hard to get to and literally sits on the peak of a Mountain.’ Lawless also revealed: ‘I’m working on a really cool creepy Halloween project of a new photo essay of haunted houses across the country.’

The grand opening for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz playground at Watkins Regional Park, scheduled for October 2, 2015, has been postponed  Known as “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” the new 12,000 square foot playground will feature Dorothy and her friends: the Tin Woodsman, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and her little dog Toto, too. It will incorporate many whimsical elements reflective of the original storybook published by Frank L. Baum in 1899. Six different play areas of activity will be featured, including Dorothy’s Far with Dorothy’s house, barn and a windmill; Munchkin Land; the Emerald Forest with its flying monkeys; the Emerald City of Oz with a castle play structure; the Great Balloon Escape with a hot air balloon play structure; and the Ruby Red Slippers slide structure.  For info on a rescheduled date, click here.


One response to “Oz in the News 10.05.15

  1. The Land of Oz park article is not representative of what has been done this year and in former years during the June events and Autumn at Oz events at the revitalized theme-park. Google Autumn at Oz and, separately, Emerald City Realty. Also, google Land of Oz theme-park. -Not to mention the IWOC event held there. Thanks.

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