Oz in the News 9.27.15

2A6CA49A0-F784-DF4D-48144F29E92C3F87ELEMENTS OF OZ Makes World Premiere at Peak Performances  The enterprising and endlessly inventive Builders Association dive into The Land of Oz through the use of smartphone interactivity. Three remarkable performers: Moe Angelos, Sean Donovan and Hannah Heller play a range of the beloved characters on the spare stage of the supremely adaptable Kasser Theater. And for this show, you take your seat and are advised to turn on your cell phone. With their smart phones audiences will help create an immersive theater experience with all those remarkable ingredients: the terrifying cyclone, Glinda’s arrival in the bubble, a chorus of giggling munchkins, The Wicked Witch’s fiery exit and yes-the Flying Monkeys.

Syracuse-area casino thrives with ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme One of the main attractions at the Yellow Brick Road Casino is a cyclone, based off the same tornado that Dorothy and Toto went through. Chosen at random each day, players have an opportunity to step into this one-of-a-kind cyclone to win cash and prizes. “It was a blast in there. Everything was spinning around, it was just a good time,” said Kurt Beecher, who took a turn inside the Cyclone on Thursday.  Every piece of the casino adds to the “Oz” environment. Watch the video to see all the different restaurants and games.


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